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VIENNA.DRESDEN.LEIPZIG/Bachfestival June 2020

Genies of musical history on a cultural tour VIENNA * DRESDEN * LEIPZIG/Bachfestival 03.-17.June2020


Our greatest muisc project - after being engaged to Leipzig's cultural market:
still available for late comers,even for parts of the program

Only until March 31st 2020 tickets available for all concerts !


BEETHOVEN - greater than BACH?

An intercultural group taking up four composers' trail who have created musical history and concerts dominantly over 300 years in Europe.
Why exact these four composers ?
There was no more space for emotion and character !
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Haendelfestival Halle 2020

HÄNDELFESTSPIELE HALLE vom 29.Mai-14.Juni 2020

Enjoy Händel's most beautiful and exciting Operas and Oratorios in his birth town at original venues.

and other beautiful compunded concerts, see programm Händelfestival 2020

We are experienced in organizing tickets and hotel accomodation to one own's choice for both festivals,
BACHFESTIVAL LEIPZIG 2020 (11.-21 Juni.2020) as well

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Bachfestival in Leipzig June 2020

BACHFESTIVAL LEIPZIG 2020 * Thursday  11 - Sunday 21 June 2020

"BACH - We Are Family"

In 5 concerts famous Bach interpreters will perform works by his most important models and ancestors and place them in the context of Bach's early cantatas and motets. In the second half of the festival, numerous concerts will shed light on the musical relationship between Bach and his sons. All 52 cantatas from Bach's "annual cycle of chorale cantatas" in 18 concerts from all continents are to play - and all visitors are invited to join in the singing of the immortal closing chorales, also his two Passions in St. Thomas chuch - and the final concert Mass in B- minor, BWV 232 with the Gewandhaus orchestra ,Dir. Andris Nelson

Here the full poramme Bachfest 2020

The best time to order is from 15.09 2019.-29.02.2020, to get all tickets on best places !

Allow yourself to be pampered by good, best view and seating within a price range: in churches, concert halls, on public stages and a good choice of hotel accommodation within the pedestrian area to handsome and secure prices.

You can at once order tickets, good seats and reasonable hotel accommodations. Make a booking inquiry which is not obliged to book severely or just phone: +49 (0) 341 23074191

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Christmas oratorio 2020 in Leipzig

Christmas Oratorio 11/12./13. December 2020 - at its originals birth place St. Thomas Church in Leipzig with St. Thomas boys Choir  Thomanerchor* and the Gewandhaus Orchestra
All Cantatas/parts 1-6

Best places and tickets on the Emperor - from now on

Die besten Karten auf der Orgelempore - mit Sicht auf alle Aufführenden -  hier, solange der Vorrat reicht !

Also impressive:  WEIHNACHTSMARKT !

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Leipzig - City of politics and music

Leipzig - City of Politics and Music

Experience a long weekend and the 150th anniversary on the trails of historical places of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany )the peacefully reunification of Germany (1989 Nikolaikirche), J.S.Bach and other great events, also by bike possible. A free dating is also possible.
And have you ever heard of Leipzig - Musikstadt von Welt (Leipzig as one of the most important 'Town of Music' where all developed thorughout the centuries since Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).

starting at 270,00 € / p.person

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Unforgettable Leipzig - one weekend

Unforgettable Leipzig - one weekend

Experience a weekend or a few days - put together your own highlights !

Price DR from  270,00 € , in SR from 310,00 €

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Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig - special.

"We know very little abaout Bach's life. There are only a few facts to go on and our image of him is skewed by statues and paintings of a stern forbidding figure in a frock coat and a powered wig.
And then there is the music.
Bach is still the benchmark, a musical gold standard, the ultimate composer's composor, influencing countless others from Mozart to Mendelssohn, Beethoven to Brahms, etc..."

from youtube, Sir J. E. Gardiner, A passionate life for Bach

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Martin Luther - traces of reformation in Leipzig

"O Leipzig, du boser wurm! Dich wird ein grosses vungluck vbergehen von wegen hurerey, hoffart vnd des wuchers halben. Du bist erger dan Sodoma und Gomorra, darumb wird dich Gott gräülich straffen..."
Thomas Kunat, Famulus Luthers; Luthers Tischreden


Martin Luther (middle) of church window of St.Thomas Church Leipzig; right hand: prove of Luther's first sermon there.

500 Years of Reformation., s.a. The Leipzig Debate
In spite of Luther's feeling of doom regarding the immorality of Leipzigs City life, Leipzig as a town of trade fair and a vivid centre of university and spirital life, it has developed into an important economical and intellectual centre: the spirit of reformation, the tradition of free thinking and acting has held on its effects on the 'PEACEFUL REVOLUTION' 1989 in Leipzig.

Experience 2 days of the historic traces of the 'Reformation in Leipzig'

avoid a lot of bus rushes to the 500years jubilee Reformation in Wittenberg 2017
and choose a bus day-trip:

Exclusive Bus day-trip Leipzig - Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Leipzig, incl. all guidances (Schloßkirche,where Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis 1517 at the church door, Museum Lutherhaus, Stadtkirche, Luthereiche, Melanchthonhaus, Leucorea, Marktplatz, Cranachhaus )
for € 150 per pers.

Exclusive Bus day-trip Leipzig - Wartburg.Eisenach - Leipzig, incl. guidances for
€ 150
per pers.

Throughout the year from € 350.- incl. 3 overnight stays and breakfast

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"THE BIG FIVE" were called by big-game hunters for certain animals on Safari-Tours in Africa. They were hunted not only in the first place because of their tallness, but mainly because of their difficult hunting methods and dangerousness.
In Leipzig we want to bring close to you "The BIG FIVE" because of their fame, aura, and their big impression on culture and City life:

1. Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most brilliant composers in history, living in Leipzig from1723 to 1750.

2. Thomaskirche Leipzig - 800 years Church, School and Boy's Choir.

3. Nikolaikirche - most beautiful and biggest church in Leipzig, starting point of the Peaceful Revolution 1989.

4. Museum in the "Round Corner" - contemporary history in original rooms; how the DDR-citizens overcame their secret police "STASI".

5. Gewandhaus -250 years world-wide top orchestra; the 3 rd building since their foundation in 1743 with impressive architecture, acoustics and exciting famous history.

Visit Leipzigs BIG FIVE- throughout the year possible - 5 days LEIPZIGS BIG FIVE

excl. overnight stays € 350/per person

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