About us

Hanna (*1949) und Herbert (*1948) Mühlenbrink, married, four children, retired teachers. We would like to spend our time on a lot of small and great cultural events in Leipzig.
We have travelled to Leipzig for about ten years. The fascination about the town has brought us to wish to stay there forever.
„Der Leipziger“ – the typical inhabtitant of this town, loves all kind of music, politically interested and with his incomparably original dialect - we do love him or her.
Many courageous “Leipziger” have fought decisively for the reunification ot the two parts of Germany (I989) - by demonstrating peacefully in the ‘Nikolaichurch-movement and the regular Mondays’ demonstration - feared by the old inhuman ‘DDR-regime’.
It follows from this to the small travel agency LK. - for we would personally like to offer you an unforgettable and impressive stay !
Since Bachfestival 2011 Herbert Mühlenbrink is Chairman of
Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig e.V.

You choose:

  • Your own arrival to Leipzig
  • Hotels according to your own taste and purse (2-5 stars)
  • a frame programm (we'll also make suggetions, s.e.c Music autumn in Leipzig 2013

Our Service:

  • tickets (good seats, generous cancellation, see. Bachfestival)
  • booking of different events, city sightseeing tours, etc.
  • shuttle service/also for handicapped people (collection/station and airport, Hotel/concert halls and churches)
  • fixed and fair prices
  • interpreting in different languages

Our Service calculation : 15 - 20 % depending how much work is involved


Hanna und Herbert Mühlenrink, © Privat
Leipzig, Thomaskirche mit Bach, © Rolf Handke / pixelio.de