Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig - special.

"We know very little ..."  Oh yes, we do: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was successor of Thomas Cantor Kuhnau in 1723 as Thomas Cantor and "Director musices"of the City of Leipzig. Here he composed his most important (from BWV 1128) works: the great instrumental- and vocal compositions, organ- and piano works and church music, the
Christmas Oratorio, The Matthew and St. John's Passion, Mass in b-minor, thirteen piano concertos, more tha 200 church cantatas, the Goldberg Variation and the well-tempered piano I + II


We want to follow Johann Sebastian Bach personally and musically at his spheres of activity in Leipzig:

* in the Old Town Hall where J.S.B. subcribed his certificate of appointment as a Cantor of three Leipzig churches
* in a special guiding through the Bach Museum to come closer to his composition style and
* to listen to (historical) musical intruments at his time
* in a special guiding to learn from his family life, his profound belief in God, his strokes of fate
* to visit the places and institutions, where he made music: to listen to a typical Bach cnoncert with the St. Thomas boys choir
* and finally: where was J.S. Bach really buried in Leipzig in the "Bach-Gellert-grave" on the St. Johannis cemetery ?

BACH PURE Duration: approx. 1.5-2 hours Costs: € 65.00 per person (included in the price: 2 entries to the Bach Museum and the City Museum of the Old Town Hall, short tour of the St. Thomas Church, 1 x special printed reader); Time planning can be freely agreed

Plan some days in Leipzig, call here or mail; we are looking after a demanding and pleasing programme for you.

Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig - special.

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