DNB Deutsches Buch-und Schriftmuseum Leipzig - special

by Herbert Mühlenbrink

Permanent Exhibition: From the "Keilschrift to Binärcode" - worldwide the best to see and experience in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothk in Leipzig !

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Computer - email - twittern... where does it lead to and how did it all start - with writing down the knowledge of universe and mankind without paper and letters, with remembering an communicating 5000 years ago ? Human beings always tried to keep in mind what was important or beautiful. Creatively and didactically especially worthy to experience: the three innovations of mankind: Writing, Printing with mobile letters and the digital network.
The exhibition combines everything from early history until today, incl. the computer writings.

Besides very knowledgeable the huge beautiful reading rooms of the" Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Leipzig " : Lesesäle Geisteswissenschaften, Naturwissenschaften, Technik; Shoah-Lesesaal; Multimedia-/Zeitschriften-Lesesaal; Kartenlesesaal; Musiklesesaal; Museumslesesaal.

1 overnight stay incl. breakfast, admissions, guidances
from € 150,00, inquire here

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